Your house has much dust and smoke

Your house has much dust and smoke – Safe for living or not?

Safety is an ultimate want for every human being in this world. Everyone wants the highest security and safety of every step living in his/her life and to secure him/her, tries hard efforts in the entire life cycle. There are lots of uncertainty and unsafe conditions and elements in one’s life and pollution of air and dust is one of them. For every human being home is the best safe and sweet place to live and everyone wants sweet sound house living. But if the house living effect negatively on the house inhabitants for dust and smoke arising then that is never a good news. We will show you those criteria on which you can feel yourself safe living on your sweet home.


Dust pollution level in your house:

Before understanding the safe factor, you need to check the dust pollution level of your house. Become concern about the dust producing and arising resources and see how much they are affecting your sound living in the house. Here are some reasons/resources to be checked in your house for considering the dust pollution level in your house.

  • How close your house is from any factory or densely dusted organization and how much time your windows are opened? As outside air is dirtier than the inside and if your house is close to any factory which produce much dust and your windows are opened for long period of time then you definitely know the results.
  • What is the condition of your closet doors? Is there any special and concerned movement taken for closet door opening and maintenance.
  • What about the bedding, shedding clothes, fallen hair, dried skins and fibers? You are well concern, right?
  • How about the carpets? Obviously you haven’t forgotten about the carpet cleaning. If the answer is positive then you are okay.
  • What about the pets and kids? You know, they can also be reason of dust arising in your house.
  • What about the kitchen and the surface areas of your house like beneath of tables, beds etc.

Smoke pollution level in your house:

Now, smoke pollution/air pollution is another headache for ensuring sound air system in your house. Some spontaneous sources are always on to make worse of the air system and you have to check how much they are affecting. Here are some common air pollution reasons or resources.

  • Is there any smoker in your house? If yes, ask him to leave or at least smoke outside of your house.
  • What about the kitchen or other fireplace conditions? How about the soot and fumes from the kitchen and fireplaces? Be concern about the smokes producing from the fireplaces.
  • What about the air filtrations system? Is it sealed or unsealed? Have a look right now.
  • What is the condition of the burning gases in your house? Do you have any car factory inside of your house? If yes, have you taken any special steps to prevent/skip the pollution?
  • If you are using any air purifier, how about the filtration system of that air purifier? Check the efficiency of that purifier and if needed try to change the filter to have the best output.

Now, the Comparison of pollution and your concern:

With the platform we created for you about the dusty and smoky situation of your house, check the dust and air pollution level of your house. Check, if any other conditions affecting the system with extra touch and if there is any extreme situation with the above described reasons or resources. Not too much hard work to be accomplished where needs some extra care and checking. Compare between the dust and smoke arising reasons and your concern to prevent or avoid that pollution.

Don’t rush too much rather try organizing all the necessary moves to take for reducing or removing the dusts and smokes from your house. Check which one is extreme and which one is tending to come out, which one to take care and which one to remove permanently. Grow your concern and enjoy happy and sound living.

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